We thank all the organizations and volunteers who have made this year's projects possible. Friends of Bolivia gives support to caring organization freely. We have realized that over time, if you serve with pure intentions, people don't give to fulfill a need, they give as an expression of their own solidarity and joy. These genuine gifts, no matter how small or large, are what sustains us.

Friends of Bolivia is proud to inform you that your support is helping the following projects:

• Centro de Paralisis Cerebral: Meals and care for elderly people

Centro Integral Warmi: Kitchen improvements to prepare lunch for dependent infants

Concipe: Medicine for low income people

Comedor Infantil Cala Cala: Meals and care for low income children

• FUNAC – Fundacion de Cancer: Medicines to support cancer treatments

• Liga Antituberculosa: Medicine and care for people with tuberculosis

Fundación Amanecer: Care and food for young children without homes

• Bandesir: Equipment and parts to repair wheelchairs for handicap people.

Our attempt is to do "small acts with great love", we notice that the ripples around us continue to get bigger and bigger and as more people try to do small acts, we have every potential to change the world.

On March 15th Friends of Bolivia made a significant monetary contribution to victims of the Beni floods to help those affected with food and support shelters.

On September 12th Friends of Bolivia will have its Annual Golf Tournament. Please save the date. Voluntaries are needed and welcomed.

This year Friends of Bolivia celebrates its 25th anniversary. To make this a special year, we are organizing the End of the Year Gala Dinner Party. More info will be published as soon as we get all arraignment done.

Thank you for your support.
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