Friends of Bolivia is run solely by volunteers. With no administrative overhead for salaries, and out of pocket costs donated by well-wishers, your full donation is used for charitable purposes. Friends of Bolivia appeals to your generosity and kind-heartedness to make a difference to those less fortunate than us. You may rest assured that unless you indicate that your tax deductible donation is for a particular purpose or for a particular location, it will help the needy in Bolivia.

Friends of Bolivia is a supporter of the VITA Milpitas Community Library project. This project is a site for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance organization sponsored by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB). IRS trained certified volunteers help low-income, limited English speaking, elderly and disabled Taxpayers prepare and electronically file their Federal and California State income taxes.

School Backpack was organized to distribute school supplies and back packs to needy children in San Leandro, California.

Friends of Bolivia is proud to announce that in April 2006, it was awarded an HP Technology for Community Grant of equipment and cash stipend for the VITA Milpitas Community Library. By becoming one of the organizational sponsors of the work being done to help the community, Friends of Bolivia is helping the community in which their members work and live. Furthermore, Friends of Bolivia urges members to show their personal support by volunteering their services at the site the next tax season, where they are needed to help Spanish speaking taxpayers with limited fluency in English.

Homeless Project As part of our involvement with the community Friends of Bolivia organized a campaign to distribute blankets and hygiene kits (Tooth brushes, soap, tooth paste and a small towel) to people in need at the InnVision shelter in San Jose, California.

As part of our mission to raise awareness and understanding of Bolivian culture, the Community Museum of Milpitas, CA in cooperation with Friends of Bolivia has opened a permanent exhibit "Bolivia and its Music". This exhibit was made possible through cooperation with the Milpitas City Council and the donations of Beatriz Escobar-Mujtaba and her sister Hermina Escobar. Our deepest appreciation goes out to this family for the many items they contributed toward this worthy cause. We encourage all interested parties to view this remarkable exhibit, which is located at 559 East Calaveras Boulevard, Milpitas Town Center, CA.
Comite Pro Templo is an organization in Totora, province of Carrasco, Department of Cochabamba, dedicated to rebuilding the church destroyed in the May 1998 Earthquake.

Totora has been declared a historical colonial city of Bolivia, and currently undergoing redevelopment. Comite Pro Templo is a private effort of concerned and interested residents to rebuild the town church to re-establish its glory. Friends of Bolivia raised funds and awareness to help with their rebuilding efforts.

The effectiveness of this group can be seen in the completion of the tower which is a replica of the original. More information can be found on the website

Centro del Adulto Mayor received a full kitchen from Friends of Bolivia. This center is the only one that fully supports the elderly in Bolivia.
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